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Ethan and Luke helped me make a box for Spectacled Owls

Today we made a nesting box for Deron Meador’s Spectacled Owl pair from the leftover scraps from my hobby room remodeling project.

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Eastern Screech Owl Nesting Boxes

I took down some shelves in a room and made built-in shelves in their place. Decided to “recycle” the old shelves for the good of some Eastern Screech Owls so I made one for my friend Deron at Adventures with … Continue reading

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Spectacled Owls

Took a ride to Deron’s place this afternoon to see his many birds of prey. Below is a photo of a pair of Spectacled Owls –

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Snowy Owl

Deron Meador from Adventures with Raptors emailed this picture to me this morning. He finally got his Snowy Owl! I sure hope he brings her to a Pack Meeting for my Scouts next fall. I am going to ask him … Continue reading

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