CB 2018 Reverse Extreme Okeetee, female no. 1

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CB 2018 Borneo Short-tail Pythons for sale

All hatched here this summer.
All feeding on live mouse hoppers.
1.1 pair for $175 + shipping.
1.2 trip for $225 + shipping.
No lone snakes for sale.
Email me to buy: pjolles@me.com.

Pics taken today, Sep. 1, 2018.

Female 1, pic 1

Female 1, pic 2

Female 1, pic 3

Female 2, pic 1

Female 2, pic 2

Female 3, pic 1

Female 3, pic 2

Female 3, pic 3

Male 1, pic 1

Male 1, pic 2

Male 2, pic 1

Male 2, pic 2

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CB 2017 Borneo Short-tail Pythons, 1.1 pair

Beautiful pair of Borneo’s. These snakes were produced from two clutches here that hatched last fall.

Both are eating FT rats and mice. Aggressive feeders on thawed rodents, day or night, they will eat anything at any time. Bomb-proof.

$325 + shipping.
Email me to buy: pjolles@me.com.

Pictures taken today.

Male left, female right.

Male, pic 1

Male, pic 2

Male, pic 3

Male, pic 4

Male, pic 5

Male, pic 6

Female, pic 1

Female, pic 2

Female, pic 3

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CB 2018 Guilford County, NC Eastern Kingsnakes – updated pics, Sep. 1, 2018

All three are eating live pink mice.
$175 for a pair.
$100 for a lone male.

The female and male no. 5 are sold

Email to buy: pjolles@me.com. Ready now.

Male 5

Male 5

Male 5

Female 6

Female 6

Male 4

Male 4

Male 4

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Apalachicola National Forest Kingsnake

Met a friend for some field herping in the ANF. Here is a pic of a wild ANF King – photographed and sent on its way.

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Hardeeville, SC Yellow Rat Snake

This yellow rat was caught earlier this summer by me and a friend a couple miles north of this spot in Hardeeville, SC in Jasper County. The property was getting cleaned up and we found him under one of the last pieces of tin. Some snakes, even some rat snakes, refuse to accept captivity. For instance, he rarely ate and when he did he would drop the mouse and not go back to it if spooked. Only one thing to do in that case: take the snake back and let it go. Which is what I did. Hoping this is a better spot for him, maybe we saved him from a lawnmower or bulldozer blade, ultimately.

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Borneo Short-tailed Pythons

Some Borneo’s for sale. Email me to buy. pjolles@me.com.

Hatched Clutch 1 of these over the weekend.
The first ten are for sale, $650 for the lot + shipping.
Unsexed. No more pics.

A female from last year. $225 + shipping.

Another 2017. I can’t remember if this is a male or a female. I held it back because it is so pretty. Unsexed – $175 + shipping.

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Ethan at Guitar Center yesterday.

I took Ethan and Cooper (aka “The Coop”) to GC in Rockville, MD yesterday.

Want to stop hearing rap music from your teenager’s room? Put a guitar in his hand. I introduced Ethan to Neil Young. His music is timeless.

The Loner

Cortez the Killer

Look Out For My Love

We left empty-handed but trying out guitars and amps is always time well-spent.

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More Currituck County, NC Eastern Kingsnakes

I have a lot of these this year. Please buy some.

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Effingham County, GA Eastern Kingsnakes

A big clutch of Eastern Kings hatched by Jimmie King. Email him if you want some. None are at my place – these are all Jimmie’s. I just wanted to post the picture. His email address is soonerjk77@hotmail.com.

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