Morelia carinata – female hugging the water bowl

Besides her swollen posterior, this is the 1st sure sign of reproductive activity by this CB 2012 female Morelia carinata. She started doing this two days ago. Currently the male is opaque. It is possible that she has already bred with him a few times since they have been together off and on for months. I will put them together again as soon as he sheds. These pictures are from yesterday afternoon.



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Clelia rustica

Very unusual behavior. She clearly (at least to me) ovulated yesterday. These pics are from yesterday and she looked like she had just eaten a mouse – but hasn’t fed for weeks. What is unusual & strange is that she is opaque today. Will be interesting to document what follows.




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Bay of LA Rosy Boas

I sold these but they sure are pretty.
Pics from January 3rd.

Female –


Male –


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Garrett earns his Arrow of Light

Garrett earned his Arrow of Light tonight. On to Troop 1011 with his big brother.

Ethan and Garrett

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Barneck Scrub Pythons

Produced by Steve Dinkelacker.

Male –


Female –


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Snake show boxes

Had some cherry boards that I joined with my router a while ago. Decided to do something with them. I love the way this project is turning out. Ran out of cherry by the time I got to the trays, so two of them are made from pine. I really like the way the pine looks also so I will probably make more.

What really made this project special is my neighbor with a woodworking shop who made a jig for the hinges for me – and made the cuts on the first box for the hinges for me. Now I have a jig to use with my router for all my boxes with this hinge. Need to go back to home depot and buy a bunch of these same hinges for more boxes.











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USCB 2015 Green Tree Pythons

Three available. $300 each + shipping.

Email me to discuss:

Adults: Male is a Biak import and on the right. Female is an undocumented Chondro a friend bought from a pet store. She is the bluer snake on the left.


Baby no. 1, pic taken August 9, 2015.

Baby no. 2, pic taken August 9, 2015.

Baby no. 3, pic taken August 9, 2015.

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Southern Copperhead – Okeetee Club

One of two Southern Copperheads I road-cruised on Okeetee today.
This was at around 11 AM, right after a light rain storm.
Moved the snake off the sand road and went on my way.
The snake showed NO appreciation…

Southern Copperhead Okeetee Club August 2, 2015

Southern Copperhead
Okeetee Club
August 2, 2015

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Northern Virginia Field Herping –

Three of mine and one of my friend’s sons mugging for the camera with a juvenile Eastern painted turtle. The turtle had to tolerate us for just a minute… we released it right back into the pond.

boys with yearling Eastern Painted Turtle

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Okeetee, SC Field Herping Trip – April 2015

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