The Coop gets a solo victory in Fortnite

He has been trying to get a solo win for a little while now.

All the Jolles men celebrate in his triumph…. good job Coop.

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Neil Young – You and Me

One of my favorite Neil Young songs. I am working on the chord progression. Speed will come. I have come to the conclusion that one of the things I like about guitar is the challenge of this puzzle – figuring out how to do it and then working on mastering various chords, changing chords, the rhythms, etc. I find it very gratifying when I can sort of hear my favorite songs coming out of my guitar.

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Guilford County, NC Eastern Kings – more breeding activity

Another breeding tonight.

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More La Quinta, CA Kingsnakes on the way.

A fourth female is in the nest box right now. This is female no.4 and she is working on a second clutch now.

I almost never double clutch my colubrids intentionally but last year my female La Quintas  all laid 2nd clutches full of slugs. So, I decided if they are going to do that I might as well breed them for the second go-round of 2018.

This female was not bred last year… she is a beauty.

Later I caught him holding her down. This male has produced so many babies. He is a very valuable snake in my collection. Very, very strong urge to breed. All the time.

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Sumatran Short-tailed Python eating a rabbit.

Pip killed this rabbit in my back yard this week. Froze it then and thawed it today.

The snake hopes Pip kills more. For the record: we try to scare rabbits out of our back yard before allowing the dogs out and we did not see this one.

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Guilford County, NC Eastern Kings

I have been waiting all spring to see this.

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The Coop…

Hey Coop! That guitar won’t teach itself.

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Reverse Okeetee Corn snake – 2018 clutch

She started laying last night at about 11 PM. As of 6 AM she was not finished but appeared done at a little after 7 AM.
I left her as is, will check when I get home. Counted 18 eggs in her a couple of days ago, we’ll see.

Interestingly, she has already gone opaque for her post lay shed. I have seen corn snakes do this within a day of laying, but never this fast.

I hatched this snake in 2014 from a pairing of “Extreme Okeetee’s” that were only 9 months old when they produced the clutch she crawled out of. Yeah, 9 months.

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Ethan learning You and Me by Neil Young

The boy is going to pass me, soon.
He sent this to me from his class today.

And this –

And here is Neil Young doing it –

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Garrett’s Puerto Rican Pinktoe

This little “T” just shed, we have raised it from a tiny sling.

Goood job Garrett!

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