Guilford County, NC Eastern Kingsnake clutch

This clutch on June 4 showed many eggs with a yellow hue. That means they were not very well developed when she laid them, I suppose. Often you can see a pinkish color through the whole eggs and veins when candling, even after they are first laid. I knew most were good because I saw embryos affixed to the inside of most of the eggs.

Checked them tonight. One is bad and the rest appear to be developing nicely.

And then I took some pictures of some of the eggs while candling. The rest look fine.

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La Quinta, CA Kingsnake, female no. 4, 2018, clutch no. 2

She shed on May 30. I know there are more than four eggs. I’ll check back in a few hours. This pic was taken at about 18:00.

This is the first second clutch of the year. I have never made an effort to double clutch my snakes before, at least not like I did this year. All my previous 2nd clutches over the past 15 years have either been totally infertile or a max of 25% fertile. So far so good.

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Borneo Python eggs laid today

She laid 26 eggs today and 26 eggs last year (link).

Here she is this morning at around 06:00:















And after I set them up in my second incubator.

Not sure what I am going to do. My ‘main’ incubator is filled with clutches of colubrid eggs at 84 F. The Borneos need to be at about 88F. Last year I got my Borneo eggs at the end of breeding season… I am not moving these colubrid eggs. Colubrid babies, contrary to belief by ‘experts’ hatch bigger, fatter, and healthier when cooked at 83 to 85 F versus just putting the eggs on a shelf in your snake room. I have about seven more clutches of colubrids coming + another clutch of Borneos. So far the snake god of fertility and lucky chances has smiled on me this year. I know I will experience some bad eggs and dead babies but for now…. so far, so good. I have masked the contents of these boxes, that is not an optical illusion.

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Guilford County, NC Eastern Kingsnakes – June 4, 2018 Clutch

Came home to this last night. Appears that all eggs are viable but not all candled with red veins. Many times it takes a few days for veins to show up. I’ll check them again this weekend. Interestingly they were all connected like sausage links. I have never seen that with my eggs before. I think it is a coating that is secreted in the oviduct as the eggs are laid. She just secreted a lot of it.

Fed her two large mice last night and I will be re-introducing the male again tonight.

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Guildford County, NC Eastern Kings on the way

Hot digity dog.

Can’t wait to get home tonight.

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Guilford County, NC Eastern Kingsnake

Eggs from my wild-caught pair are almost here. Any day now.

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John Prine at Wolf Trap

Ethan and I saw a great show. He’s still got it.

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John Prine

Can’t wait!

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Small male Black Rat snake

A small male from the same property. That didn’t take long.

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Another Frederick County, MD Black Rat snake

Same friend caught another for me an hour later. This is a nice male. The baby is a female. What I want to do is start my own line of Frederick County, MD locality Black Rats. Probably the guy is going to catch a female for me, soon. He sees them all the time on his property. I have gone to his house to pick up several over the past ten years that were otherwise destined for a shovel if he did not know me. You gotta have respect for guys like him…. he doesn’t like snakes but he has enough respect for wild things to not simply kill them. I have released several Black Rats away from his property over the years. The snakes did not like it but they have no way of knowing the alternate destiny that was in store for them.

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