Borneo Python eggs laid today

She laid 26 eggs today and 26 eggs last year (link).

Here she is this morning at around 06:00:















And after I set them up in my second incubator.

Not sure what I am going to do. My ‘main’ incubator is filled with clutches of colubrid eggs at 84 F. The Borneos need to be at about 88F. Last year I got my Borneo eggs at the end of breeding season… I am not moving these colubrid eggs. Colubrid babies, contrary to belief by ‘experts’ hatch bigger, fatter, and healthier when cooked at 83 to 85 F versus just putting the eggs on a shelf in your snake room. I have about seven more clutches of colubrids coming + another clutch of Borneos. So far the snake god of fertility and lucky chances has smiled on me this year. I know I will experience some bad eggs and dead babies but for now…. so far, so good. I have masked the contents of these boxes, that is not an optical illusion.

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