Kalaotoa male Retic –

So, I started a new site, www.localityretics.com, last month.

Through my research while putting that site together I learned that Kalaotoa is actually an island called Palau Kalaotoa in Indonesia. I googled it and saw a satellite view of it on a map. It is a tiny speck of an island with one small village and only one dock. My snake was likely walked down the dock viewable on google maps. Pretty neat.

Anyway, I received this snake last May, all beat up with swollen snout and he would not eat and he definitely did not like me. I left him alone and got him to eat thawed rats and mice, finally, after about four months. I started holding him and he has turned into my favorite snake, ever. He is tame, does not mind being held, and is perfectly content to just sit on my shoulders – making no effort to get away – for as long as I will hold him.

His bruised snout has healed considerably and I think that eventually it will return to normal. If I could only have one snake – this would be it. He is a great “pet” and I use that term very infrequently when I talk snakes.

Here is Ethan posing with him tonight.



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