I have been fighting respiratory infection in both of my Morelia carinata since July. It all started when I changed the bedding in their cages to cypress mulch. This caused the humidity to increase dramatically in the cages and stayed that way for a couple of weeks. After two weeks the female started wheezing.
I took her to a vet and started her on a course of antibiotics. Luckily, the vet gave me enough Amikacin to treat several snakes because as soon as the female started improving the male started sneezing.
Anyway, the male just shed and has no more symptoms – and they both ate this week. In my experience a python, any species, will not eat if it has any hint of RI… so I am feeling MUCH better about them. Due to the cost of these snakes and the fact that I have had them for two years — this has been a weight on me, daily. I had planned to breed them this winter but I am going to wait another year I think.

The male just shed and before that he passed a small BM. I thought this was interesting – he passed a whole bunch of teeth. These must have been sitting in his belly or he decided to shed a bunch at one time. Usually a snake will also develop a case of stomatitis (mouth rot) when it is suffering from RI but that was not the case with these snakes because I frequently cleaned their mouths out during the illness (which maybe caused some teeth to dislodge?).

I took a photograph to record the unusual event –

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