Self-sufficiency – Gecko style

I have 17 geckos (11 Phelsuma standingi and 6 Tokays). Going to the pet store twice a week at $14 each visit for crickets got old, FAST. So — I spent $82 for 3,000 superworms, delivered, about one month ago. I don’t think they will ever run out, LOL, but I set up a tray to help some superworms change into beetles so they can make me some – and I won’t have to buy any more.

The grubs won’t change into beetles if they can touch each other so they have to be separated.

They stay in a tub of wheat bran and eat apple cores and dinner leftovers (veggies). I have done this before and I remember it took a month or so to get going but once they started producing baby worms I had all my animals could eat. I intend to feed some of the offspring to the blue birds and other insectivorous birds in my back yard also.


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