Upgraded Tokay Gecko cage

I remodeled my snake room last month and now it is time to upgrade some of my cages. Since the cages I want to upgrade house Tokay Geckos that is not hard to do. They live all over southeast Asia – in forests and around human dwellings. That being said, I wanted to pile a bunch of junk in the cages that would give them places to hide and allow them to thermoregulate. The first cage I am working on houses my proven breeding pair so I want to give them a lot of places to hide and I want them to be able to move around without being seen.

First, I painted the sides and back of the outside of the cage with flat, black paint. Next, I made two parallel, vertical hides at ground level out of 12″ x 12″ floor tiles and then wedged it in tight with bamboo I cut down this morning. Then I put a 2″ diameter 15″ long piece of PVC pipe upright in the back corner. Then I attached two small, rectangular pieces of plywood to each other with a 3/4″ spacer and screwed the whole thing at an angle to a piece of the bamboo and right under the 50 watt night bulb that provides them with some a hot spot. This way they can choose to be under, between, or on the board. Finally, I put a potted pothos in front to give them even more cover.

Funny thing about Tokays… the more places you give them to hide the more you will actually see them because they feel secure enough to come out and hunt.

Below is a pic of the cage with the door open.





Below is a pic from inside the cage looking up – and you can see the plywood hide / basking spot.




And below is a pic of the male on the front of the glass when I checked on them tonight –



And, finally, below is a picture from later tonight – mission accomplished. That is the female soaking up some heat on my basking spot and the male is to her right on the glass.



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