I took Ethan and Garrett to church early today so they could ring their bells as part of the “Joybells Ensemble”. They participate in this every year.
















We had to wait for the next service and for Cynthia to arrive with their two brothers so I took them to Roy Rogers for chipped beef on breakfast fries and hot chocolate. Yum.

ethan_royrogers garrett_royrogers


Next we visited Toys R Us so Garrett could show me SPECIFICALLY which Skylanders characters he wants for the new game Santa Claus is supposed to bring. He is really counting on Santa this year…

toys r us

Then we went to a geocache site that Ethan knew about –


It started snowing right after I took this picture so church was then cancelled for the day.

We took the boys sledding while it was coming down. I enjoyed playing with them but I am so sick of the snow… already.































I sure hope we don’t get a lot of this stuff this winter.

I walked by one of my nesting boxes and snapped this pic during the storm.

Hope some birds nest in it next spring.

wren_house_with _snow1


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