Making some more cages

These are two small cages I decided to make from scrap wood that I had laying around.

I had some 2 x 3’s and  a piece of 2 x 4 left over so I cut most of it to 1.125″ x 1.125″  and used the excess trim for the flooring. The cages are 12″ wide x 15″ deep x 18″ high.

These are for two of my female Phelsuma standingi that I currently have paired with males. You can see one of the pairs below. The smaller female is on the right side on the bamboo. I think the male is outcompeting her for food also since he is so much bigger.


I think that once spring rolls around the males will try to mate with the females and I think they are too small this year so I need to give them some peace. Next year they can give it a try when they are full-size.


Initially I cut the cages so that the doors attached to the front of the cages but when I put them on the shelf I intended I could not open the doors without moving the cages. So… I took the doors off and recut them so they fit in the frame. Bought some fiberglass screening and 6 mm staples to attach to the outsides and I’ll have these completed in a day or so. I applied polyurethane to the wood to seal it for years, although initially I was not going to do that since they are a species from an arid climate and I only mist them with water twice a week. That twice a week will add up so I figured I might as well seal the wood now.

Also, I had some pvc tubing left over from a chondro cage build and cut that as perches for these geckos. I made two for each cage so that they can get directly under the UV bulb and also get away from it. Drilled a hole through the wood and the pvc and inserted a set screw in each so they won’t roll around.


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