1st pair of Standings Day Geckos is 1.1

Very elated that I have, what I believe, is at least one sexual pair of Standings Day Geckos. I traded some baby pythons for two pairs from a breeder in New Mexico in early spring and since they have grown to (I guess) adult size I decided to see if I could sex the first pair.

I am pretty sure, judging by the femoral pores on the male and the absence of them on the female, that I have a 1.1 pair.

Male below

m1 m1a

Female, below. These are the nicest and bluest Standings Day Geckos I have ever seen.

f2 F3 f4 female_belly2 female























And below is a picture of the cages that house both pairs. Live pothos and snake plant in each with a UV bulb above.



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