FB 2012 White-lipped Pythons – 1.1 pair; $250 + shipping


1.1 pair of Leiopython albertisii, the White-lipped Python.

This is a pair of the northern race. Received them in a trade earlier this year.

The male is very calm and will eat thawed mice from your hands. The female is very, very fearful. She feeds on thawed fuzzies and hoppers and the thawed food must be offered on tongs. A feeding session with her lasts less than five minutes: basically, I get her to snap on the mouse’s snout and that’s all it takes but she is a very nervous snake.

These snakes require a very moist, almost sopping wet, hide when they go opaque.

Other than that… they are easy. I hold the male all the time. The female has gotten more calm but I would not trust a child to hold her.

Pic of the male from today 7/22/2013 below –

male pic 1










Female is pictured below. These pictures were also taken on 7/22/2013

female pic 1female pic 2












$250.00 + shipping.

I can accept Paypal, USPS money orders, or cash.

These snakes can be picked up in Frederick, Maryland.


Peter Jolles


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