San Felipe, Mexico Rosy Boas

CB 2009 San Felipe, Mexico male Rosy Boa

I have a 1.1 pair of CB 2009 Rosys that someone gave to me as a gift. The female was (and is) a PAIN. She will not eat FT rodents… no matter what. She will grab mice from my fingers as long as they are alive. She stopped feeding in November 2009 and refused a meal until June of last year so I actually force-fed her, weekly, on pink mice between April and June 2010. I switched her over to live adult mice (from fuzzies and hoppers) a month or so ago. She is looking very good. She is the one with the empty Ibuprofin box (appropriate) in her enclosure. The male never had these issues. He’ll eat anything. Here are some pictures from this morning.

CB 2009 San Felipe, Mexico female Rosy Boa

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