1.1 pair, CB 2012 Childrens Pythons

1.1 pair of CB 2012 Childrens Pythons. I received these in a trade from a breeder who bought his stock from Australian Addiction Reptiles: These are VPI line Childrens Pythons.

Absolutely FLAWLESS. Feeding on FT small adult mice. Always ready to eat. Not biters; I frequently hold them. Perfect.

$275 + shipping.

Pictures taken on March 11, 2013.

Contact me at pjolles@me.com if you are interested.

Thanks, Peter

Male (below)

male_ac_pic2_03112013 male_ac_pic1_03112013

Female (below)

female_ac_pic3_03112013 female_ac_pic2_03112013 female_ac_pic1_03112013

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