Yearling Biaks for sale

These are late 2011 Biak locality Green Tree Pythons from Bushmaster.

$450 total for both plus shipping. Local pickup available. I am in Frederick, MD.


Gender unknown. Both feed on live or FT mice — but due to their highly aggressive nature I typically feed them live mice left in the enclosures overnight. They do not like to be mucked with and once you get them going (i.e., stick a thawed mouse in their faces) they prefer to strike wildly instead of eating. They do not strike at the glass; you have to work them up — but they are young Biak’s after all.

No.1, below.

Pic taken January 17, 2012


The next three pic’s were taken on March 10, 2013

bigbiak_pic3 bigbiak_pic2 bigbiak_pic1

No. 2, below

Two pics taken on January 17, 2012

orangebiak_pic5_01172012 orangebiak_pic4_01172012

This snake has a bruised nasal scale from a small piece of stuck shed. It is healing but it is there. It is hard to take a close up picture of such a small thing but here is an effort at it from February 9, 2013. Look at his nasal scales on the right side of his face.


Another pic of him from February 9, 2013


And below is a pic of him from yesterday: March 10, 2013


Contact me with any questions or to buy them.


Peter Jolles


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