Bad news –

My Jayapura Green Tree Python dropped her eggs from her perch last night. I am really kicking myself right now because I should have locked her in the nest box and was planning to do that this morning. I believe that the reason she did this is that the temperature in the nest box is too low.

I should have known since she was due to lay tomorrow morning yet she was firmly planted under her heat panel on her perch. I checked her last night at 11:30 PM and she was coiled on her perch – this morning there were 20 eggs scattered under her and three on the perch, adhered together.

The three on the perch were dried and candle well. The 20 on the ground are (or were) all fertile but I did not see veins stretching across the inside top of the eggs as is normal. I believe that they may have been but the impact of the eggs falling 15″ to the deck caused the “stuff” inside the egg to detach and fall to the (new) bottom of the egg. I placed them all in the incubator in the egg box and only changed the orientation of a few of them. Those are easy to differentiate because you can see newspaper still stuck to the shells.

This isn’t going to end well. My prediction: some are going to go bad right away, some will progress and then die, and a few will hatch.

In situations like this there is only one path to take: salvage what you can, learn from failure, and move on – applying what you have learned to future situations. Applicable with Green Tree Python breeding as it is in life.

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