Merauke x Merauke hatch update

It’s been so long past day 49 that I lost count.

I opened the eggs last week. 3 are now dead: 1 stopped developing weeks ago and the egg was mostly yolk inside with an uncolored, one-eyed white snake that was alive when I opened it but died shortly thereafter. It was severely kinked. Two more were severely kinked and one of those two was missing 1/2 of its head.

I did a check on my “lab-calibrated” thermometers with an ice water slurry… I am so angry. Look at how far off they are (for those of you who went to public school after Lady Ga Ga became famous: freezing is 32F).

So, as of today there are seven left that are opened and I think look OK.

Here is one of them from last night. I opened the eggs up more because I started seeing the white cheese in the egg fluid. From what I can see of the yold sac there is only an M&M size amount of yolk left to be absorbed by each… at this point (since they are all breathing air and I opened the sacs) they probably aren’t absorbed.


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