It took A LOT of effort and work but I finally got this snake, No. 5, to eat a thawed pink mouse.  It ate 3 Hyla Cinerea a couple of weeks ago. I noticed that the snake was extremely aggressive once it smelled the third frog offered that week and so at that point I figured I would freeze a frog and then when it was time to feed I could cut the frog up and rub its guts all over a thawed pink mouse.

No. 5 went in to a shed cycle and shed on Thursday so last night I proceeded as planned.

Initially the snake showed no interest and tucked his head in his coils. I kept pushing the pink mouse in his face and then would pull it away quickly. As soon as I saw the snake tongue flick and pick up the frog scent I knew he was hooked – and he did grab the mouse and eat it.

I am very pleased with this.

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