Manokwari Green Tree Pythons – confirmed copulation

I separated to feed on Friday night: the female ate an adult mouse and a rat pup but the male refused. If we get to the point that the female refuses food I will jump up and down. These snakes were mine as babies and then I sold them two years ago. I bought them back at the end of January and started putting them together in early March. So, they have not been cycled. I started that last night by putting the heat on a timer. The cage temp settles into the 70’s at night and then warms up to 86 F during the day as of now.

We had rain coming through the area yesterday so I went ahead, last night, and doused the females cage with water and then added the male just after lights out. This is what greeted me this morning:

Below are some pictures I took of both snakes at around noon yesterday.

CB 2006 "Manokwari" Green Tree Python, male. March 24, 2012

CB 2006 "Manokwari" Green Tree Python, female. March 24, 2012

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