Making Progress

I started my second round of cage building right after Christmas.

This round of cage building was a little TOO ambitious.

Eight Cages (four for my Diamonds and four for my JCP’s). I am going nuts over here. I can barely fit in my snake room with the 40 total ┬ápieces of 3/4″ oak plywood all over my room.

I learned a little from the first round of cage building which I am incorporating into this build:

1. Edge trim on the edges of the plywood.

2. Oak boards (instead of plywood) for the face.

3. Straight cuts for the face instead of miter cuts.

4. Fewer 3″ screws needed for assembly.

5. Painting and staining before assembly (major time saver).

6. Fixing the heat panel and light to the ceiling of the cage BEFORE fixing the roof to the cage.

7. Caulking the sides and back of the inside of the cage BEFORE fixing the roof to the cage.

8. Using casters (6 total, 2 with wheel locks and 4 free) for the bottom cage instead of a stand.

Here’s a pic from last night of the first cage I put together. Just need to figure where I want the vents installed, glue the sliding door rails, and order the glass for the sliding doors.

Very pleased.


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