I am now building 8 large cages.
These are measuring 36″ wide x 24″ deep x 18″ high.
Using 3/4″ oak plywood again and this time I will use pieces of oak plank for the face instead of plywood strips.
Also, on this build I am using 3/4″ edge trim for the plywood edges instead of leaving them bare.
Actually, I was not even knowledgeable to the existence of the product until a few weeks ago. Should make the cages last for many years longer since it will keep moisture from getting into the edges of the plywood.
Here is a shot of the open edges on the 32″x24″x20″ cages I built late last year:

And below is a picture of one of the panels for the new cages with the edge trim installed, lightly sanded, and before staining.

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