Cages have been keeping me busy.

I started the construction of these cages in order to make three suitable cages for my three male Green Tree Pythons and to save money while doing it. In hindsight that was pretty dumb because the cages that Jim Scharphorn makes are an incredible value (the cages I am trying to duplicate) compared to the time I am putting in to these.

However, I have had so much fun making these cages that I am already planning more. These cages are far from perfect but I am learning a lot and will make the next ones that much better. The biggest lesson that I have learned is that the wood should be stained and painted before construction.

Below are some pictures from today. I mounted the heat panel and light to the 1st cage and glued the glass panel rails to the cage opening.

First, below, is a pic of the shine off the top of one of the cages. That is tung oil and wow am I glad I ditched the idea of painting the outside black as well.









And below is a picture of the inside of the cage. Notice the 40 watt radiant heat panel up top and the light is affixed to the inside front top of the cage.










Below are some pics of the glass rail being glued to the cage opening.

I bought these clamps last week. Great tools.

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