More Chondro cages work.

Today I made it a goal to figure out and assemble a base for the cages. I wanted to do this so I could have a place to put them while I finish making and painting them.

I also wanted to do it with wood on hand which consisted of scrap from the project and a leftover 8 foot 2×4 that I had stowed in my attic for something like this.

I cut four 10″ pieces and then screwed four 19 3/4″ pieces of scrap oak plywood to the 2×4’s using 3″ screws. I went a little overboard during this process but structural integrity was my goal.

The width of the plywood and the 2×4 equaled exactly 3″ so I had no room to bury the screws. I had to back out almost all of them and it was very time-consuming because I had to check them one-by one as I drilled, drilled countersink holes, and then placed the screws.













I put the base together and even used up a spare cage frame piece Ryan and I cut. We made this because I ruined one of the frames by not going deep enough with the countersink bit and I split the wood when burying the screw. I wasn’t going to do it – but I took the slightly damaged frame apart and reassembled it with the new piece. Really glad I did it because I took this really slow and made the new frame perfect. Worth all the time it cost. I then used the slightly split piece as another part of the base. Better there than in the trash. Got some use out of it.

So, after I put the frame together I decided to place the 12 perches on the four side panels for cages #2 and #3. I measured them all up using a tape measure and level. See the pics below. Don’t know how they came out so blurry but you get the idea.























Next I took a straight piece of wood and laid it on top of the perch so that the straight line was bisecting the “X” which marked the middle of the perch.












And here they are, all ready to be assembled into cages








Finally, here are some pics of the first cage sitting on the base. Exactly the same height, width, and depth of the Scharphorn cages. Even the base is the same height so when I am all done, and they are all black, they should look like they go together.












Here’s a closer pic. It is straight and level. It looks messed up but that is an optical illusion due to how the picture was taken.

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