Continued progress on new Chondro cages

I spent some time today putting these cages together. Have one mostly assembled. Ryan Travis came over with some tools and bamboo perches and convinced me to rethink the front. I was going to make a door with hinges but he talked me into framing an opening and installing sliding rails and buying sliding glass.

First up today was measuring and installing the three perch holders on the first cage.

These are roughly in the same spot as in the Scharphorn cages I am replicating. I marked the left and right panels and then measured what should be the center of the perch. Then I threw a square on it and marked it. Next I drilled a countersunk hole and screwed a wood screw through it. Finally, I put the square back on it and held the perch against the square while I drilled the second countersunk hole and screwed the screw into it. It was time consuming but well worth it.

Here’s a picture as I laid out the perches –











And below is a pic of the two panels pressed together when all done. You can see they are still a little off (how the heck did that happen?). Well, they are still going to look a lot better than if I had waited until I finished construction and “eye-balled” it as per usual.

Also, don’t laugh at my square. It came out of someone’s trash and I am proud that I salvaged it. My next project is removing the rust from it.













After that I put the sides and back together. I bought this handy clamp for right angles at Lowes today and WOW what a great tool. I can’t believe I never bought one of these before and for things like my Chondro nesting boxes I just held them together while drilling. This tool was only $10 and worth ten times that in value to my project.













I got the sides and back on and then sprayed a coat of Kilz on the inside to prime it. I don’t like it and think I should have brushed the Kilz. Next time.

I then screwed the bottom to the sides and back and following that I used my new clamp to screw the top to the cage.











Ryan got his miter saw out and we hooked it up. We measured and cut the frame for the front and then screwed that together.











We fixed the front to the first cage and brought everything inside (all the cutting is done – the rest can be done in my snake room). Here is the first cage, mostly complete (except for the light, heat panel, and glass front).











Very pleased with how these three cages are turning out.

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