Never fails…

I conducted a snake show at Catoctin Creek Nature Center yesterday. By “conducted a snake show” I mean nothing more than I presented a power point slide show describing snakes while I showed off my collection. The first thing I do is inform the small crowd that I am not a herpetologist, as the nature center lists me. They all seem to enjoy the show even though.

Anyway, I have done a dozen or more of these over the past few years at different venues and it never fails: someone shows up who wants a snake for their little boy (usually) or little girl (sometimes). I love it! That little kid is dreaming of a snake and begs his parents to take him to the show just hoping (HOPING) that the parent(s) will not feel completely negative about snakes after leaving and maybe some day he can get one.

I usually identify these people right away because they sit up front and the kid has a look on his face like he is about to burst.

Met one of these families yesterday and it just so happens that I have one baby Sandhills Corn snake that needs a home. The snake has not voluntarily eaten yet but has proven to be very easy to force-feed. I force-fed it a pink mouse last night and will do so every three days until it is eating on its own.

So, Ben, here’s a picture of your snake. I took it last night after I made him eat.  (You think this is bad? You should see what happens when my kids don’t eat their vegetables). He’ll be ready in no time. Also, this snake will color up a lot as it matures.

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