Here we go!

She has been in and out of the nest box for several days. I do not expect eggs to be laid until Nov. 10th or so.
She is also, uncharacteristically, perching for long periods of time under the heat panel or partially under the heat panel.
I had that set at 87F but I bumped it up to 89F (probe is through the perch). She can get right under it or next to it if it is too hot.
She is also moving around the cage and going in / out of the nest box.
You can see I have a nest box, hollow “stump”, and a folgers can with dry sphagnum moss for her to choose.
So far she has only been in the pinewood nesting box with dry sphagnum moss.

Palpated 14 eggs last night…

Below is a pic from last night.

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