Snake room updates

The Aru Green Tree Python female is static and on her perch. I have been misting her since I have now removed her large water receptacle. I placed a small water bowel with 1/2″ of water in there last night so she can stay hydrated. Here’s a pic from 7:25 AM this morning.










The Wamena Green Tree Python female appears (and I stress ‘appears’ because I can’t see inside her body) to be recovering from the prolapse. One of the band-aids fell off her vent and the other is, I think, not over the vent opening but her insides are staying in. I’ll take the band-aid off on Monday and cross my fingers. Here’s a pic of her from 7:25 AM.

Finally, last night I caught my male Cape York Spotted Python mating with one of the females at 9 PM. Checked again at 12:06 AM this morning and they were still at it. Here’s a pic from 12:06 AM. The male is darker and the female is more golden… She looks like a soft pretzel. Ummm… soft pretzels…

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