Aru Green Tree Python female update & Wamena Green Tree Python female: PROLAPSE

My Aru female shed on Saturday night all in one piece and she looks good. She is no longer under the heat – she’s perched over the hide / nest box. She looks nice and big but I am too scared to palpate her. I don’t know what to expect now. Maybe she is gravid and will lay eggs in a few weeks or maybe she has yet to ovulate and will do that within a month or so. Only time will tell. Below is a picture of her from 7:22 AM this morning.











My female Wamena prolapsed last night. This has only happened to one other snake in my collection before. It was about ten years ago and was a yearling Reticulated Python. I spent over a week of cleaning the tissue multiple times a day and stuffing it back in the snake’s body. Eventually it stayed in and the snake resumed feeding, defecating, etc like normal.

I have soaked the Wamena and cleaned the tissue with a diluted  Chlorhexidine solution. I also rolled the tissue in powdered sugar but that did not work; meaning the tissue did not shrink in size at all. I cleaned it tonight and then coated it in KY jelly.  Next I let the snake crawl into its cage and kept the last third of her body out of the cage, sliding the cage door shut on the rest (so she couldn’t open up my arm like the male did this past spring).

The snake was slippery from the jelly but I held on with a towel, stretched her out by pulling on her right past the tail, and stuffed it in her body. Then I put two band-aids over her vent. Fingers crossed that it stays in.

If it does not, I am going to buy Preparation-H at the store tomorrow (that’ll be embarrassing) and will coat the tissue in that and will do it again. The only reason those band-aids will come off is from the KY jelly – so I’ll eliminate that.

Another note – I can tell this hurts her because of the way she is perching. Call me a snake whisperer but I can see she is visibly uncomfortable. After this is all said and done I will probably hold off on feeding her for 5 weeks or so and when I do I’ll probably feed her some small adult size mice instead of 250 to 350 gram rats.

Here’s a pic from tonight before I went to work on her.

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