The puzzle is coming together; maybe.

The Aru Green Tree became actually opaque this evening. Her eyes were not hazy when I got home at about 5:30 PM tonight but they were hazy when I checked her at about 9:45 PM. Additionally, her belly scales are now reddish as well. They look inflamed to me but it is a common sight, in my experience, when Chondros are opaque and deep in a shed cycle.

Her coils were loose so I thought what the heck… let me palpate her one more time. I felt at least 8 very distinct lumps. Given how far down her body they are I can only deduce that they are actually eggs, she is gravid, and she is now in her pre-lay shed. I suspect that if this is indeed her pre-lay shed then she will shed in a week and lay her eggs around November 15.

It’s gonna be a long four weeks… or longer.

Below is a picture of her from 5:34 PM

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