Kayuadi Reticulated Pythons

I traded my group of 4 Ackie Monitors for 2.2 baby Kayuadi “dwarf” Retics last week. I was sad to see them go but they were outgrowing what I could provide for them — and I have been looking at these dwarf retics for a couple of years now. Apparently they top out at less than 10’…. and for a retic’s build that is a pretty small constrictor.

I am doing something pretty neat with these: pair #1 will only be fed mice and pair #2 will only be fed rats. I will weigh each food item and record the info in iherp.  I’ll also keep track of the weight of each snake. It is of course not exactly scientific but I will get a little insight into which food animal, by gram weight, will pack on the most weight and growth on these snakes. Stay tuned. Below is a pic of male #2 (he’ll be fed on rats only).


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