A few pic’s tonight of some snakes in my racks

I only have two snake racks now because I am happy to report that I only have 42 snakes. What a difference from a few years ago when I had over 200. I think I will try to whittle it down even further to about 35… or even just 30.

Here are some pictures I took tonight. Enjoy.

My yearling pair of San Felipe Rosy Boas (San Felipes are my very favorite Rosy locality)

CB 2009 male San Felipe Rosy Boa

CB 2009 female San Felipe Rosy Boa

Captive-born 2010 female Amazon Tree Boa

CB 2009 male Amazon Tree Boa. He came from Tom Crutchfield.

CB '10 female Eastern King (SE South Carolina locality). Yeah, she's for real.

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