More Ackie Monitor feeding videos

I would have posted these last night but one of my Ackies escaped and I had to spend some time locating it. Probably what happened was I did not close the cage properly in my rush to take the boys outside. I went into my snake room late last night and saw an Ackie hanging from the front of the cage. Popped it into a container and then found 2 more roaming the cage, which was odd since it was at 11 PM. Next I had to dig out the 75 pounds of sand and dirt out of the cage. Dust everywhere! Did not find number 4 so I had to take apart my snake room. Was not angry: just glad to get the little guy back.

Below is one of them eating a dubia roach yesterday afternoon.

And below is a much longer video showing one of the Ackies eating a large peach fuzzy (well, it was large for the Ackie). During the video you can also see another Ackie grab half a pink and cram it down in just a few seconds. Pretty neat, if you are into Ackies; which I am in a big way.

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