Diamond Pythons

These snakes are some of the most gentle, laid-back, pretty, and all-around best as far as keeping a pet snake. The problem is that they have some issue that makes them die later in life if you indulge them too much with food and treat them like a regular ol’ Carpet Python. In my snake room I thaw rodents out by laying them on the screen tops of the few aquariums that I use. The rodents thaw much faster since air flows all around the frozen rodent.
Typically I will thaw rodents on top of some Diamond Python cages since all four of mine are kept in glass aquariums. They always beg! I’d like to try and keep their feedings to just twice a month. I need to make a better effort… but I am careful not to feed them as much as my Jungle Carpet Pythons or other snakes. Here’s my largest male sniffing for a thawed rat last night.

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