Garrett’s Tarantulas

I bought three baby Tarantulas last month for Garrett. From what I understand, since I am not into arachnids at all, baby spiders are called slings until they reach a certain size or have a certain number of molts. I am really not sure.
Anyway, dedicated arachnid hobbyists have unlocked the secrets to breeding these tropical spiders and as a result they have become very inexpensive to buy.
I bought two baby, I mean “sling”,¬†Brachypelma smithi. These are the famous Mexican Red-knees that everyone is familiar with because they are the ones most used in TV shows or the movies. Both of them molted last week. One lost two legs right when we got them (don’t ask but it happened due to my extreme arachnophobia… a post for another day: why would I buy spiders when I am scared of them?). From what I have read they will grow back within a few molts.






















I also bought a “sling” Avicularia urticans (Peruvian Pink-toe). These are fast-moving arboreal spiders. This one is my favorite – really neat. It molted also and you can see it’s discarded exoskeleton at the lower left of the picture. The spider is at the top and you can see the toe tips are a contrasting color. Pretty cool… for a spider. ¬†Garrett is in to them so for him I put my dislike of them to the side.

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