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Female Rough scaled Python – back on mice!

She ate two baby chickens on Thursday and tonight she took her first mouse since last spring. I wish I had NEVER EVER offered her a chick last year. That has been her preferred food ever since.

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I moved her to a new cage, this 30 month old GTP that I hatched in May 2012 is almost breeding size. Next year I may try to pair her up. Gorgeous!

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Pip on a walk –

This dog goes BANANAS when she sees me grab the leash. She loves to walk and explore. Thankfully she is not as strong as I am. So cute and a great personality to match. She’s a sweetie.

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Okeetee Corn snake

I made a trip to Florida last weekend and was able to detour in Hardeeville, SC at one field herping spot identified to me by a friend. Luckily I was able to flip over this artificial cover…. And photograph this … Continue reading

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Male Rough scaled Python

I am doing the happy dance over here… He appears fully recovered. Nothing is more nerve-wracking than an expensive snake when it is sick.

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I have been fighting respiratory infection in both of my Morelia carinata since July. It all started when I changed the bedding in their cages to cypress mulch. This caused the humidity to increase dramatically in the cages and stayed … Continue reading

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Kalatoa Retics

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Kalatoa Superdwarf Reticulated Python

What can you say about a Retic that doesn’t grow larger than a big rat snake or an Indigo? Awesome. Here is one of my males –

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The nice thing about having tools…

…is that you can make your own stuff to precisely fit your needs. My wooden creations aren’t pretty or intricate but the racks and and shelves I have made fit perfectly. Every herper should learn basic carpentry – saves a … Continue reading

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Standings Day Gecko – basking

This cage houses pair no. 3. I believe this is the male. These Phelsuma standingi never had access to a flat, warm basking spot before – I think they really like it.

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