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Scale armor – German WWII Panther G – 1/35

I am working on this model for / with Luke. Taking lots of pictures because he just grins when I tell him that he cannot play with it when it is complete. Below is the model, completed but with no … Continue reading

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Hatchling Phelsuma standingi!

One of the eggs hatched!

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Nearing completion on some new cages

I have been working on these since March. Almost complete.

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4th of July –

I took the boys on a walk to the small ponds in the woods near our house. We wanted to find some baby turtles – but the ponds were too swollen with water from the rain we had on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Male Rough scaled Python – Morelia carinata

He was out and about last night so I took two photo’s of him. One with and one without the flash.

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