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Baby Tokays, set up and ready for some food –

The second hatched today while I was at work. My wife has been annoyed that I race to my “room” when I get home from work but I can’t help it. Been watching these little jelly bean eggs for 90 … Continue reading

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Pack 1070 September Pack Meeting

Last night I showed the boys how to use various tools to make a nesting box for the Tufted Titmouse. Some kids never get exposed to any of this stuff and I wanted to at least show them that¬†some projects¬†can … Continue reading

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Baby Tokay Gecko

Some pics of the 1st baby last night. The second had not pipped as of this morning.

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Another item scratched off my Herp Bucket List…

Always wanted to breed Tokays but never kept them long enough to make it happen. I got this female in trade from Oz at Ozzy Boids last winter and the male came from Michael Billewics early this past summer. The … Continue reading

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Female Morelia carinata

I could not resist taking a picture of her this morning. We turned the heat on in my house last night and so it is a little warmer than usual in my snake room — and she decided to move … Continue reading

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Corn snake growth

This snake was eating one pink mouse per feeding less than two months ago. I have made it a point to grow this snake with an appropriately sized meal at every feeding so, as a consequence, it is eating small … Continue reading

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Blog Radio Interview

More of a two hour discussion about all kinds of different stuff. Was a lot of fun. LINK

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African house snake eating a pink mouse this weekend.

Great snakes that can be bought for very little. I have seen them for $14 each. They should be more popular. Highly recommended as a first pet snake. A colubrid from Africa that is non-venomous, constricts, and has elliptical pupils… … Continue reading

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PJMV-1205 shed and BM

Good sign of a healthy chondro – complete shed and a bowel movement.

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Leatherback Sea Turtles

This was on someone’s FB page. Incredible.

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