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Tanimbar Pythons are growing

All of them are gaining pattern and it looks, to me, like none of them will be patternless. Here is a pic of #4, a female, from this evening.

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Chondro eggs

Just a couple of weeks until they hatch and, fingers crossed, they look good. Pic below is from yesterday. And the below pic is from this morning –  

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Settling on — the importance of time.

I received a pair of CB 2007 (Bushmaster) Wamena locality Green Tree Pythons in mid-January of this year. Until last week they basically would not eat. Both are eating frozen-thawed mice — a couple at a time — now but … Continue reading

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Manokwari Green Tree Pythons – 12th confirmed copulation since March 6

6:23 AM (before the lights came on).                         7 AM (Lights on).

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CB 2003 male Wamena Green Tree Python

This guy is very pretty. Take a look at him from this morning.

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Clarkii Clownfish feeding a Bubble-tip Anemone

Pretty cool. I’ll stop for some feeder fish and shrimp at the pet store tomorrow after work.

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Clarkii Clownfish and Bubble-tip Anemone

Finally got the guts, after two years, to try an Anemone again. I had one two years ago but it mysteriously vanished and was never seen again; not a single trace. The two Clarkii took to it immediately.

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Mud Dog Race 2012

Ethan and I competed in the 2012 Ceresville Mansion Mud Dog Race┬áthis morning. Tired… but we had a lot of fun. I am pretty sure that Ethan was the youngest kid in the race. He did awesome. Proud of his … Continue reading

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New Protein Skimmer for my Nano-Reef

I have neglected this tank for about a year. Some of the coral has died but there is a lot of thriving stuff in there. The lights finally died about a week and a half ago so after two days … Continue reading

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Baby Jungle Carpet Pythons are here – highs and lows of snake breeding

I cut these eggs on day 55 because I thought, for sure, they were ready to come out and the eggs were collapsing from all sides. Looking back I know now I was impatient and should have waited. I cut … Continue reading

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