Daily Archives: February 26, 2012

CB 2003 female Wamena Green Tree Python

She has not moved in two weeks. Lazy girl.

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CB 2003 male Wamena Green Tree Python

Perfectly perched this afternoon.

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Female Jungle Carpet Python

She laid a clutch two weeks ago but you would never know. Pictures of her today in her new cage.

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Scout the Tongue

That’s his mob name. We played frisbee today and I Wore Him Out.

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Cages are complete!

Just waiting for the glass to be cut for the last five. Picking that up on Wednesday. Two month project. Wow. Awesome.

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Baby Tanimbar Python

Female #4, hatched earlier in the month. Just went through her first shed (this morning) and took her second meal.

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CB 2011 baby Aru Green Tree Python

His clutch mate succumbed to a respiratory infection earlier in the year. An innocent bystander and casualty to my cage-building: I mistakenly knocked the power out to the rack they live in and didn’t realize it until both were wheezing … Continue reading

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