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I guess I am not the only one.

The Moonshiners show on Discovery is going to go down as a total failure. This show is as dumb as the “Finding Bigfoot” show but only 1/2 as entertaining.

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This new show on Discovery, Moonshiners, has me scratching my head. If it is illegal how are these guys out in the open, sharing their names, faces, tactics, and locations with a Discover Channel film crew? How is law enforcement … Continue reading

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Possible ovulation by female Jungle Carpet Python

She was stretched out in her cage today and moved positions a few times today. Very uncharacteristic since she is usually just in one place all day and all night and moves very infrequently. Here’s a pic from a little … Continue reading

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Male Wamena Green Tree Python chilling out in his new cage today.

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Male Aru Green Tree Python enjoying his new cage.

So glad I made these.

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Merry Christmas 2011

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Family pictures this week

We had family pictures taken on Tuesday. This was my favorite pose from the bunch.

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My only Christmas present

Had to buy it for myself and have Cynthia tell the boys they got it for me. This will go well with the two nice gloves I bought for Ethan and Garrett. We’ll have fun playing ball when it gets … Continue reading

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Used the table saw yesterday.

I bought a sheet of 3/4″ oak at Lowes on Saturday night and cut the wood for a cage yesterday. It will be 24″ wide by 15″ high by 10″ deep. I bought the “homeowner” variant of the saw… a … Continue reading

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Cages are almost complete

All of the rails for the sliding glass are on. All lights and heat panels are installed. I am picking up the glass for the 1st cage today. I only ordered one set at first to make sure that if … Continue reading

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