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Cages are getting there…

I finished assembly on all three yesterday and drilled the vent holes. For the vent holes I measured and marked a spot 6″ in from the left and 7″ down —- and then 6″ in from the right and 7″ … Continue reading

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Clump of Diamond Pythons

All four in one mass today. Next up: more cages for them.

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More Chondro cages work.

Today I made it a goal to figure out and assemble a base for the cages. I wanted to do this so I could have a place to put them while I finish making and painting them. I also wanted … Continue reading

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Continued progress on new Chondro cages

I spent some time today putting these cages together. Have one mostly assembled. Ryan Travis came over with some tools and bamboo perches and convinced me to rethink the front. I was going to make a door with hinges but … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Took Ethan, Garrett, and Luke to my Dad’s for Thanksgiving last night. Cynthia followed today with Cooper. We fried a turkey and had a spiral-sliced ham. Very good. Last night Granddad put the Lion King on for the boys and … Continue reading

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Feminists… so darn cute!

I love their spunky nature… ahhh the American Feminist. Somehow I found my way to this blog and noticed a note at the bottom of it showing everything that is disallowed. So much for freedom of speech. In order to maintain a … Continue reading

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Female Aru Green Tree Python is back!

She took her 1st meal (three thawed adult mice) this weekend and this is her 1st meal since August and I am happy to see her with an appetite since her November 6th slug-clutch. Here she is this morning at … Continue reading

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Jungle Carpet Pythons – hoping for eggs!

I have witnessed this male actively courting and copulating (13 recorded matings) since September 13. I snapped this pic of him on Saturday 11/19/2011 with my iPhone. He sure is a good looking snake.

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The Boys

Luke convinced Ethan to dress him up in his Scout uniform last night (or the other way around – I am not sure who’s idea it was).  He wants to be a Scout like his big brothers more than anything … Continue reading

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I love this kid and I was taken aback by this picture I took last night. He’s not the soft, little baby any longer. He’s growing up and into a handsome young man.               … Continue reading

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