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National Zoo – Saturday, July 30, 2011

I took Garrett and Luke to the National Zoo yesterday. Great time.

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Sasquatch Hill

This is a small but kinda steep hill on the Dearbought Nature Trail. When we first started biking a few weeks ago Garrett was unable to peddle up this hill. He is now able to make it and is quite … Continue reading

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“When I feel like twigs and mud… WooHoo!”

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Scout playing this morning

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Bike ride with Garrett tonight

Garrett and I took off down the trail with Ethan tonight. Ethan left us early so he could go home and assemble some of the Legos he bought today. Here’s a self-portrait I took with my iPhone while it was … Continue reading

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Aru Green Tree Python – Copulation on 7/25/11

My male Aru shed yesterday and there was a little thunderstorm in the afternoon so I dropped him in the female’s cage last night.

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Eastern Garter snake we saw while bike riding tonight

Garrett, Ethan, and I went down the trail on bikes that borders the back half of Dearbought tonight. Ethan took a trail around us so it was just Garrett and me when this beautiful snake crossed our path.

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Baby Leopard Geckos all over the place

I am getting over run.

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If I were a rich man…

Just saw this on the Bushmaster Reptiles emailed price-list: CH Roughscale Pythons 7kpr Wow! I would do anything for a pair… but I’d rather not get a divorce over it. Oh well…

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Nice Long Weekend

Had a three day weekend. It was perfect to help Scout get used to a new schedule & surroundings – and because it was Ethan’s birthday (8th) yesterday. Here is Cooper playing with Scout on Sunday night. And below is … Continue reading

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