Daily Archives: June 8, 2011

What every herper likes to see –

I received this package today (the other side of my Morelia bredli trade) and took a picture of the box on the counter at FedEx. It contained a bunch of very pretty Leopard Geckos. I’ll have to take some pictures … Continue reading

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Call me a hick, a redneck, an illiterate bumpkin…

… I don’t care. I love to hunt, kill, and eat deer. Here are before and after pic’s of some venison I grilled on Monday night. I shot this deer last winter near Libertytown, Maryland.

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Ryan Travis and some Alaskan fish –

Ryan texted this huge Halibut to me and Phil yesterday. Can’t wait ’til he gets back from Alaska and gives me a little of the fish he is catching…

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Last look at my Bredli Pythons

I traded these away for 8 leopard geckos. After Ted Thompson comes to pick up a few snakes I am giving him I will be down to only about 20 snakes… ahh the relief of fewer snakes. Much happier with … Continue reading

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