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Poison Ivy

This stuff was growing crazy through some shrubs at a gas station I stopped at yesterday. It almost looked like they were cultivating it. Ouch!

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More baby Leopard geckos

I keep them in breeding groups so unless I see the female on the eggs I am not sure which female actually produced them. These babies came from a super hypo tangerine male x a hypo tangerine female (I caught … Continue reading

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A video of the Ackies eating crickets on June 16, 2011

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Another baby gecko

This Leopard Gecko was found like this yesterday in the incubator. Her clutch mate is hatching as of this morning.

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Luke on a baby swing in Dearbought

The little rascal wanted to be pushed in one of the baby swings next to the pool in our neighborhood yesterday after bike riding with Garrett.

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Garrett learned to ride yesterday

I knew he was ready so I told him to get his helmet and by the time we made it 3/4 of the way around our neighborhood he was able to do it. He was very proud of himself and … Continue reading

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Garrett learns to ride a bike

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Luke turned four over the weekend.

What a cutie. We had a party for him on Saturday at Fountain Rock Park and then celebrated his actual birthday on Sunday at my Dad’s house.

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Ackies cramming themselves in a tight space.

I took this picture of all four of my Ackie Monitors shoving themselves between the glass and the substrate dam in their cage. I guess they do this just like they would in the wild; squeezing into a spot that … Continue reading

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CB ’07 JCP female #2

Took a quick iphone picture of her on Saturday after she shed just to document how pretty she really is.

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