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4th clutch of 2010 Leopard Geckos

These came from Group #6 and the eggs were laid on May 10th. Hatched overnight and this is what I saw upon opening my incubator this morning.  

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This will break your heart.

Boy left on side of road in Texas.

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Baby Leopard Gecko

A colorful baby I photographed this morning. Many more to hatch soon.

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Jamie found a rattlesnake

I wish pygmy rattlesnakes crawled into my yard. Jamie lives in Jacksonville, FL and Erica (my sister in law) called him while he was on his way home from work. This was crawling in their driveway. He scooped it into … Continue reading

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Cars 2

Garrett and I went to see this yesterday. Excellent movie and most of it featured Mater. “Gimee some a that pistachio ice cream!… it’s free ain’t it?… keep it coming…”

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Ackies from yesterday

I soaked the Ackies and one of them bit me for the fist time ever. It hurt. Had to hold him under cold water to get him to release. Soaked them for a few hours… man are they growing!

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Ryan rubbing it on.

Mole King that Ryan Travis found in Northern VA this morning. Of course he had to text it to my phone right away.

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Marine reservist: terrorist

The terrorist that was caught skulking around Arlington National Cemetary recently with a backpack filled with questionable items was a reservist in the 4th CEB (Combat Engineers). I was in the 4th CEB in the 1990’s before I moved to … Continue reading

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Copperhead on Quantico Marine Base last night

Ryan Travis found this Copperhead on Quantico yesterday evening while road cruising with one of his sons. He said a Marine jogger was about to step on it and had no idea he was 5 feet from this beautiful snake. … Continue reading

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My little cutie Luke –

I took Garrett and Luke bike riding last night. Ethan was going to come as well but he got a last minute invitation to go with his buddy to his buddy’s Cub Scout Den Meeting so he ditched us. Cynthia … Continue reading

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