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And so it continues…

Now it is Luke’s turn to peddle a bike. He got it after about 20 minutes. I’d really like to eliminate his training wheels by the end of this summer.

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Releasing toadlets

We scooped up the last 10 or so live tadpoles from about 10,000 that were dried up and dead in a pond that lost its water. These tadpoles were in a small hole and we had to get to them … Continue reading

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26 Leopard Gecko Eggs

They have only been dropping eggs for about a month and I have 26 eggs already. That should mean about 100 eggs this year by October or so? Think I will hold them all back, keep a couple of males, … Continue reading

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Wamena Green Tree Python, CB 2003 male

Here’s the little guy that bit me and cut my arm open. Pic’s from this morning.

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