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Leopard Gecko eggs

I have only had them for about 6 weeks and the incubator is starting to fill up. 7 good eggs so far and I am revising my expectations from 20 baby geckos to something higher for this year. Below is … Continue reading

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Some stuff from this morning; pretty snakes and courtship activity

First up, my Riverside, California Rosys. They showed no interest in each other before this morning. I separated them last night and placed the male in the cage when I woke up. He immediately started courting her.       … Continue reading

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Neil Young movie

I recorded the 2006 movie Neil Young: Heart of Gold on our DVR. If you are a Neil Young fan I think you would really like it. Basically he performs his Prairie Wind album. I have that album and know … Continue reading

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Passover Seder

What a great Seder we had last night. 80 Jolles family members. Here is a picture of Luke on Cynthia’s lap. He was so cute. We were able to bring Ethan, Garrett, and Luke but my mother came over to … Continue reading

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Elton scores again…

Not only does he live in paradise (Florida Keys) but he also catches Rosy Rat snakes for me from time to time. He caught this one on Friday; and from the second picture it seems he has lost all of … Continue reading

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Wakulla County, Florida – Scarlet Kingsnakes

My good friend Ted Thompson made a snake hunting trip to Northern Florida last week. I saw him in March & asked him at that time if he would look for a pair of Scarlet Kings for me in Florida. … Continue reading

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Two pics of my snake room from last year

This was during my Rosy Boa craze. I had about 60 Rosy Boas then. I am down to 21 Rosys now (I traded 41 of them to Tom Crutchfield for 2.2 Diamond Pythons last September)

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Rosy Boas – another reason they make great pets

Sometimes when you have a large snake collection you forget to close all the cages. A few Rosys have gotten out in my house over the past few years. I always get them back. This CB 2008 Anza Borrego male … Continue reading

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My Dad brought over a bunch of toys for the boys yesterday. This truck, named “Chuck” is so lifelike that Cooper had to back away from it. I think he thought it might bite him or something, hah hah!  

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Spring is here finally

Yesterday afternoon saw the first grill activity of the year. Yum

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