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Cleaning up Dearbought

Litterbugs and inconsiderate slobs have helped to make the Dearbought Nature Preserve into a mess of grocery bags, styrofoam, bottles, and other stuff that does not belong. Ethan and two other Cub Scouts from two other Dens (that live in … Continue reading

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Cub Scouts Blue & Gold Ceremony

Ethan “ranked-up” on Saturday with his Pack and Den. A couple of cute pictures I took – Ethan and Garrett saluting when the flags were presented.                             … Continue reading

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Neat product by Exo Terra –

I am not one to buy ANY product by Zoo Med or Exo Terra. Clearly their products are for amateurs and little girls with pet albino leopard geckos, right…? hah hah hah. Except… most of the stuff made by these … Continue reading

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Who does this?

Look at this. This guy lives in my neighborhood and decided to bring his POS van and park it in front of my house – and throw a “For Sale” on it. I want to tell him “move your piece … Continue reading

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Aru male Green Tree Python

I snapped a couple of pic’s of my big-boy yesterday morning.

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Wamena female Green Tree Python

I never get tired of taking pictures of this snake. Below are five from yesterday morning of my female Wamena after I misted her. I used the portable Exo Terra Mister that I bought on Friday. It was only $10 … Continue reading

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My Grandfather, Lee Jolles

My Granddad, Lee Jolles, passed away on Wednesday. I spoke at his funeral and below my eulogy is a picture of him with Ethan, Garrett and Luke in 2008. He meant a lot to me and many other people. My … Continue reading

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A few pictures from yesterday morning –

Wamena Chondro (female) Wamena Chondro (male) Aru Chondro (female) Aru Chondro (male) Finally – my little female Bredli Python. She is so cute.

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Wamena chondro eating a rat last night & a young Amazon Tree Boa eating a mouse… yum!

My big girl getting bigger. This little Corallus hortulanus eating a mouse (below).

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Freshly shed female Aru Green Tree Python

Two pictures from yesterday morning.

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