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Sumatran Short-tailed Python eating a rabbit.

Pip killed this rabbit in my back yard this week. Froze it then and thawed it today. The snake hopes Pip kills more. For the record: we try to scare rabbits out of our back yard before allowing the dogs … Continue reading

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4th of July –

I took the boys on a walk to the small ponds in the woods near our house. We wanted to find some baby turtles – but the ponds were too swollen with water from the rain we had on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Trail Hike

Just a family walk down the trail behind Dearbought tonight.

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Playing with Scout last night

He is growing so quickly.

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Sasquatch Hill

This is a small but kinda steep hill on the Dearbought Nature Trail. When we first started biking a few weeks ago Garrett was unable to peddle up this hill. He is now able to make it and is quite … Continue reading

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“When I feel like twigs and mud… WooHoo!”

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Bike ride with Garrett tonight

Garrett and I took off down the trail with Ethan tonight. Ethan left us early so he could go home and assemble some of the Legos he bought today. Here’s a self-portrait I took with my iPhone while it was … Continue reading

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Eastern Garter snake we saw while bike riding tonight

Garrett, Ethan, and I went down the trail on bikes that borders the back half of Dearbought tonight. Ethan took a trail around us so it was just Garrett and me when this beautiful snake crossed our path.

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Great Memorial Day Weekend –

Went snake hunting with Ryan Travis, picked up an incubator from Phil Patton, set up a new cage for my Ackie Monitors, repainted the boys Red Ryder Wagon, checked out the new Chipotle with the family (Garrett loves it), took … Continue reading

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Cleaning up Dearbought

Litterbugs and inconsiderate slobs have helped to make the Dearbought Nature Preserve into a mess of grocery bags, styrofoam, bottles, and other stuff that does not belong. Ethan and two other Cub Scouts from two other Dens (that live in … Continue reading

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