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Nova the Black-capped Conure

Loud as hell but so friendly she makes up for it. Actually, she is only loud when she is locked in her cage. She has mastered how to be so loud that she is so grating to your ears that … Continue reading

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Baby Okeetee

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Currituck County, NC Eastern Kingsnakes – hatching

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Currituck County, NC Eastern Kingsnake laying eggs on June 17, 2019.

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Okeetee Club corn laying eggs on June 15, 2019

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Extreme Okeetee’s for sale

Some of last years babies –

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F1 Okeetee Club female, breeder

They don’t come any nice than this. F1 Okeetee Club Corn snake. A breeder female in my collection. I went through all of her babies from this weekend and there are some real stunners.

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Biak Green Tree Python

A Biak produced in my collection a few years ago. I gave this to a friend and saw it yesterday. Looking good. I no longer keep any Green Tree Pythons in my collection and have not for years.

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Dearbought Black Rat snake

Went on a walk with my Luke and The Coop today. A really big oak tree had blown over a few weeks ago in a storm and blocked the trail. Today, finally, the City of Frederick removed it. We saw … Continue reading

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Better pic of the Borneo clutch

The other one I put up, yesterday, was a little blurrier.

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